Covid safety

We take health and safety very seriously at Flash Recording.  With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have established a number of safety policies for the studio to make sure that everyone stays safe while recording.

1.  Masks are mandatory when entering the building.

You can take your mask off when you are in the live room recording your parts.  You may be able to take your mask off in the control room at the engineer's discretion.  However, if the engineer asks you to stay masked in the control room, then you must remain masked.  If you forget your mask, we have disposable masks available.  

2.  Maintain adequate distance when possible.

There may be times where an engineer and a musician may pass each other during setup or moving about the studio, but let's try to stay the recommended two metres apart. 

3.  No unnecessary people will be allowed into the studio.

Unfortunately we will not be allowing photographers, managers, romantic partners, friends, or anyone else unnecessary to the recording process into the studio at this time. 


4.  A limit of 4 people maximum in the studio.  We prefer 3.

This includes the producer and engineer.  We generally recommend the producer/engineer, the musician who is recording their parts that day, and the main songwriter.  


5.  Make a plan with us ahead of time.

Recording isn't as easy as booking time and showing up anymore.  Talk to us beforehand, let us know your needs ahead of time, and we will come up with a plan of attack to make sure that the recording process goes smoothly and efficiently, and everyone stays safe.

6.  If you are sick, STAY HOME.  There is no fee to reschedule or cancel.

Even prior to the pandemic, we have never charged cancellation fees!  If you have been sick within the past two weeks, or are feeling sick the morning of your session, let us know right away.  It doesn't cost you anything.

7.  We may close at any time.

If we feel there has been a possible exposure at the studio, we will close and reschedule all our sessions.  This is in everyone's best interest.  

8.  Failure to abide by our safety regulations will result in you being asked to leave with no refund.

Everyone has been great so far - don't be the person to ruin it! 



Listen, we know everyone has different levels of safety for this pandemic.  We know that you may feel COVID isn't that bad, or that the chance of getting it is low, or that masks are annoying to wear, but not everyone feels that way.  We aren't going to debate the finer points of virology because we run a recording studio.  If you don't feel comfortable with these safety measures, you are free to record elsewhere!

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