COVID-19 Safety Policies

Masks are mandatory.  It can be removed when you are recording in the live room.  If you arrive to your session without a mask, you will be turned away.


Sanitize your hands immediately upon entering.  We will have sanitizer right at the door.

No more than three people in the control room at a time.  And everyone must be adequately distanced, and wearing a mask.

If you have been sick or outside of the province in the last two weeks, please reschedule.  There is no fee to reschedule.  If you are coughing, or showing any symptoms of sickness, you will be turned away.

You must bring your own guitars and basses.  And the piano is not available right now. 

On the other side of things, our very awesome collection of guitars are currently unavailable for use.  There’s no way to play guitars without using your hands.  Same with the piano.  We can do MIDI piano or a keyboard, though.


Maximum of two musicians in the studio at a time.  We’d prefer one though.

The live room can accommodate two musicians at a safe distance.  Generally, we like to record one instrument at a time, so there isn’t much of a need for two musicians.  We know that bands like to all come into the studio during recording, but we can’t assure your safety with a group of people.  


No photographers, managers, boyfriends/girlfriends, friends…

If they’re not required for the recording, they can’t come in.

Consultation is key.  Let’s create a plan of attack.

In the past, it was easy to just book time and show up ready to record.  Now, we’re going to have to have a phone and/or video chat consultation.  Things are going to work differently, and we are going to need to plan out every step of the recording to make sure everyone stays safe.


Studio bookings are going to be limited.

We want to make sure that there is time to disinfect the studio, the bathroom, and allow for extra time.  So we are limiting the number of bookings that we take.  Previously, the studio was open 7 days a week.  We don’t know how many days a week we’re going to book just yet, but we are going to space out bookings by a few days.


Please be patient and follow our engineer’s instructions.

We really want to help everyone continue to make records during this time.  Please understand that we’re recording differently now, and there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve.  We promise that everything we do is in everyone’s best interests to remain healthy and safe, and still create some great recordings.

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