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Flash Recording is Vancouver's best kept secret.  Located in the heart of East Vancouver, Flash Recording offers a warm, inviting control room, and a spacious live room.  Our SSL console, collection of vintage and modern outboard gear, microphones, and instruments impresses all who work here, and our rates keep our clients coming back. 


Flash Recording opened with the purpose of helping musicians, producers, and engineers make incredible sounding records, and do it affordably.  We understand the recording process can expensive, so we keep our rates the lowest in the city to make sure that more musicians can make more records.  Whether you're an established touring musician looking for the right space to record your next full-length, or completely new to the recording process, we can accommodate you. 


We have a number of producers and engineers who utilize our space for parts of their projects, or their entire project.  If you are looking for the right producer to helm your project, let us know and we can recommend a number of talented local producers.  Similarly, if you are an engineer or producer looking for a studio to record drums, guitars, vocals, or anything else, please get in touch.  We love welcoming new engineers to the studio. 

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